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Sanicool Sample Cooler
Yula Sanicool Sample Cooler


Yula Sanicool Sample Cooler
Operation and Maintenance

Design and Operating Conditions
Do not operate heat exchangers under conditions that exceed those specified on the Yula Corporation Nameplate and Data Sheet.

Yula Corporation Sanicool Sampler are designed to be fully drainable on the sanitary side when mounted in the vertical position using the supplied mounting brackets or optional stand.

Start-Up Procedure
Start all operations gradually. Do not introduce hot fluid suddenly when heat exchanger is empty or cold, or shock unit with cold fluid when hot.

Shutdown Procedure
When heat exchanger is required to be shut down, the hot fluid should be turned off first. If it is necessary to stop the circulation of the cold fluid, the hot medium should also be stopped by by-passing the heat exchanger.

In the event that the tubeside of the Sanicool is to be sanitized, it is important that the shellside remains in operation or flooded so that pressure buildup in the shell will be avoided. This will prevent shell liquid from evaporating and possibly increasing chloride concentration to an unsafe level and cause stress corrosion cracking of the tube. Also, if the shell fluid is heated, it is possible for the pressure to rise above design conditions and cause leaks. Provide convenient means for cleaning the shellside by circulating chloride free cleaning solution at a good velocity to remove sludge or other soft deposits.

Drain all fluids when totally shutting down unit to eliminate the possibility of freezing or corrosion. Also, to guard against water hammer or condensate flashing back to steam, condensate should be drained into properly-sized traps during all stages of operation.