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Sanicool Sample Cooler
Yula Sanicool Sample Cooler


Industrial Heat Exchanger

Industrial & Process
Heat Exchangers

We custom design specifically to your individual needs. Choose the design features that YOU want.

  • U-tube removable tube bundle
  • Straight tube fixed tubesheet
  • Various straight tube, floating rear head designs: TEMA AEW, AES, AET, AEP
  • Stainless steels, nickel alloys, carbon steel
  • All designs are ASME Code Sect VIII, Div. 1
  • All TEMA types available
  • All TEMA classes available (B, C, R)
  • Radiography of welds
  • Post-weld heat treatment
  • Customized thermal and mechanical design using Aspen Technology /B-JAC
  • TIG, MIG, SMAW and SAW weld procedures
  • Tube-to-tubesheet seal welding
  • Tube-to-tubesheet strength welding
  • Lethal service design
  • High-pressure (up to 3,000psi) design
  • Tube diamieters from 3/8" OD to 1-1/2" OD
  • Shell diameters from 3" to 48"
  • Full traceability of all materials
  • Rigorous ASME Code Quality Control Program
  • Comprehensive QC package

We also build heat exchangers for biodiesel and ethanol applications.

Every heat exchanger ships with required ASME documentation.

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